Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Passion for Design

I have been working in Marketing for about a year now, and have become extremely passionate about graphic design! I love the creativity that it take to envision something, and make it come to life! I love working with the technology and programs that make it happen!

I decided to take my passion to a new level, and showcase it on this blog. (My first piece being the title of this blog!) I am excited to share my creations and I know it will motivate me to make sure they are good!

I am recently engaged, and in the planning process, I started looking into stationary, invitations, save the dates, colors, monograms, designs and patterns, to include in the ceremony and reception, and my goodness are they expensive! I thought to myself, "From this point forward, I am becoming a Budget Bride, a Do-It-Yourselfer!" I have decided to take my passion for design, and use it to create the necessities for a wedding! In the progress, I will post, and share my creations on this blog.

I consider myself to be very creative, and have always considered arts and crafts a hobby of mine. I love to create new ways to decorate the home and finding fun and unique ways of scrapbooking memories. I hope to get more involved in those things as well, and hopefully get some posts up on my ideas!